Staffing solutions should deliver more than employees; they should deliver results. That’s why we customize our solutions and work closely with our clients to improve their workforces and achieve their goals.

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"You may want to mine the intelligence hidden in your most valuable data piles using the power of Big Data technologies Start mapping your customer journey through your unique business... Connect customer experiences across your all your digital channels.. Whatever your technology innovation is partner with us to find the best talent to solve them."

Our Services

Staffing Solutions

We connect your business with critical thinkers and problem-solvers to help your daily business needs and complex technology problems.

Outsourced Workforce Solutions

We help you realize the real power of Agile model with continued productivity round the clock based on our global engagement & delivery model.

Innovation & Product Development

We specialize in innovation that results from an iterative process of learning, conceptualization, testing, and evaluation.


The below are the key differentiators that help us stand out of our competition and help us build trust and confidence with our clients

Culture Fit:

  • We try and understand the important values that are foundation for your business and we understand that every business runs on unique values an environment. We tailor our search to the professionals that fit your company’s culture and existing workforce best.

Telephone pre-screen:

  • We converse with each applicant and get a solid understanding of their skills, experience, education, training and availability.

Technical pre-screen:

  • We use our top consultants in different domains to conduct a technical pre-screen to vet out the candidates to find resources with top technical talent.

Skype Interviews / Screen Shares:

  • We arrange for Skype interviews & screen share sessions to overcome the location barriers helping the clients get access the talent pool crossing the geographical boundaries without compromising on their talent evaluation strategies.

Candidate behavioral interviews:

  • We assess important work habits, like decision-making, professionalism and communication skills. We also verify resume information at this time.

In-person client interview:

  • You will be able to meet with the best of the best, saving you valuable time and effort associated with weeding through endless resumes and conversing with unqualified applicants.

Reference checks:

  • We do extensive background & reference checks from the current and up to three previous employers. We also factor in LinkedIn recommendations.

Comprehensive sourcing network:

  • Using our vast network of recruiters, strategic partnerships with business leaders and our established relationships with top professionals, we identify all viable candidates that match your hiring profile, including passive candidates who are currently working and even employees of your competition.

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